The acrylic teeth market is undergoing steady growth, driven by the escalating demand for dental prosthetics and the advancements in dental aesthetics. According to recent market reports, the global acrylic teeth market is poised for expansion over the forecast period.

The market analysis indicates a rising prevalence of dental disorders and an aging population, fostering the demand for acrylic teeth as a vital component in removable dentures. The aesthetic appeal and affordability of acrylic teeth contribute to their widespread adoption in both developed and developing regions.

Furthermore, technological innovations in dental materials and manufacturing processes are enhancing the durability and natural appearance of acrylic teeth, influencing market dynamics. The market overview highlights the significance of collaborations and partnerships within the dental industry, promoting the development and distribution of high-quality acrylic teeth.

Competitive Analysis

The market for acrylic teeth Companies are Dentsply Sirona, Huge, Ivoclar Vivadent, Kulzer GmbH, New Stetic SA, Nobel biocare services AG, Ruthinium dental products (P) Ltd, Shofu dental, Vita Zahnfabrik, Yamahachi Dental Mfg.CO.


The Acrylic Teeth Market size can be considered for type, applications and layers.

Based On The Type

  • Partial Denture
  • Complete Denture
  • Overdenture

Based On The Application

  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality

Based On The Layers

  • Two-layer acrylic teeth
  • Three-layer acrylic teeth
  • Four-layer acrylic teeth
  • others

However, acrylic teeth cost more than the other methods such as amalgam and ceramic which can restrain the market for some time. In addition, acrylic teeth are prone to abrasion and discoloration. This can act as a market deterrent.

Industry Trend:

The market is spending a large amount of money on research and developments to solve the drawbacks of acrylic teeth such as abrasion. SR Vivodent CAD impact resistance fulfills the standard values which can be considered exemplary in this regard.

Regional Analysis:

Geographically, the market for dental acryli covers North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Rest-of-the-World (RoW).

The APAC is the fastest growing market for acrylic teeth. The Asian population is well aware of various dental consumables, and the number of people with disposable income is also on the rise. A sudden boom in cosmetic dentistry is also proving to be a vital market influencer. With China and India in the region, the market is witnessing a huge population base of the elderlies who can be considered the target audience. According to the reports published by the China National Committee on aging, there were 185 million people above 60 years of age in 2011 (13.7% of the population). The number can reach up to an astounding 487 million by 2053 (34% of the population).  

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