Genesis Crystal: Usage and Acquisition

Genesis Crystals serve as the premium currency in the world of Genesis Impact , where they can be utilized to acquire new characters, weapons, and a multitude of resources to elevate a player's journey. These valuable crystals can be obtained by engaging in gameplay, participating in special events, and through periodic in-game rewards. For those looking to expedite their progress or access exclusive items, Genesis Crystals can also be topped up on various game trading platforms, offering a straightforward path to enriching the Genshin Impact adventure.

Top Up Genesis Crystals on LootBar

Players looking to enhance their 'Genshin Impact' experience by adding Genesis Crystals to their arsenal may find the LootBar gaming trading platform an advantageous option to consider for their top up needs. The LootBar platform offers a seamless 'Genshin Impact top up' process that is conducted through miHoYo's official channels, ensuring the security and authenticity of the transaction.

When opting for 'top up Genesis Crystal' through LootBar, players are presented with an exceptional deal - for every purchase of Genesis Crystals, the platform doubles the amount at no extra cost. For instance, a top up of 6480 Genesis Crystals astonishingly yields an additional 6480, giving players a total of 12960 Genesis Crystals. This is an incredible benefit for those who frequent the 'genshin top up center' on LootBar, as it significantly boosts their in-game currency without depleting their wallets.

Moreover, LootBar's pricing structure is highly competitive. Players can choose to 'crystal top up genshin' with the option of getting 6480 Genesis Crystals multiplied by four for a single payment, simplifying the process and making it extremely convenient. The affordability is underscored by the current promotion where players can acquire this hefty sum of Genesis Crystals for merely 295 dollars, which translates to a near 100-dollar saving compared to standard rates. Therefore, LootBar stands out as a cost-effective and player-friendly platform for all Genesis Crystal top-up requirements.

How to top up Genshin Impact on LootBar

To top up Genshin Impact with Genesis Crystals through the LootBar trading platform, begin by navigating to LootBar's official website at . Upon arrival, select your preferred language and currency type, then proceed to log in with your credentials. This will ensure that your top-up process is tailored to your location and preferences, making the transaction smooth and personalized.

Once logged in, locate the top-up column on the platform, and select 'top up > Genshin Impact' to specify the game for which you want to buy Genesis Crystal s. After making this selection, decide the number of Genesis Crystals you desire to purchase and click 'Buy Now' to proceed. Next, you will be prompted to select your server and enter your Genshin Impact User ID (UID), which is essential for crediting the crystals to the correct account. Finally, click the top-up button, choose your preferred payment method from the options provided, and complete the payment to successfully buy Genesis Crystals for your Genshin Impact account.