Introduction About Willian Borges da Silva

Hailing from the vibrant nation of Brazil, born on the 9th of August, 1988, Willian Borges da Silva, commonly known as Willian, has made a name for himself as a formidable left winger and attacking midfielder. Currently showcasing his talents at Fulham in the Premier League, Willian's football journey has been marked by his technical skill and an innate understanding of the game, qualities that make him stand out as an exceptional left midfielder.

Willian's professional journey began with Corinthians, where he laid the foundation of his career. His potential quickly caught the eye of European scouts, leading to his significant move to Shakhtar Donetsk in 2007 for €14 million. His tenure at Shakhtar was nothing short of remarkable; he became an integral part of a team that clinched four Ukrainian Premier League titles and tasted European glory with the UEFA Cup in 2009. This success etched his name as a high-caliber player in the football world.

Beyond his club achievements, Willian's international career with Brazil has been equally impressive. He made his debut in 2011 and has since been a consistent selection for the national squad. Demonstrating his prowess on the international stage, Willian has competed in two FIFA World Cups (2014 and 2018) and multiple Copa América tournaments, including the 2019 edition, which saw Brazil triumph on their home turf. Willian's career is a testament to his dedication and the flair he brings to the left midfield position, earning him accolades and admiration from football enthusiasts around the globe.

Willian Borges da Silva's card

In the dynamic world of virtual football, Willian Borges da Silva's player card stands out as a Left Midfielder with a solid overall rating of 77. With attributes that reflect his real-life agility and skill, the card boasts a commendable pace rating of 72, a precise shooting rating of 77, and an equal passing rating of 77. His dribbling rating shines at 81, allowing for deft control and maneuverability on the pitch. Though his defense rating is a modest 49 and physicality comes in at 55, the advantages of Willian's card are clear for his position. As a winger, his sharp attacking prowess is designed to dismantle defenses, making him an invaluable asset for any team looking to exploit weaknesses, create scoring opportunities, and clinch victories in the heat of the game.

How to Obtain Willian Borges da Silva's Player Card

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