FC 24 Ultimate Team has recently launched Golazo Team 2, offering a treasure trove of content for enthusiasts to dive into throughout the weekend. This includes the addition of highly coveted players in packs, alongside fresh Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), Objectives, and the latest feature – Evolutions.



Diving into the realm of Evolutions, EA has introduced an enticing opportunity within Ultimate Team. Players now have the ability to enhance any player card with a +1 Overall Rating (OVR) boost.



While this particular Evolution may not be the most groundbreaking addition of the year, it's still an opportunity worth exploring. To assist players in navigating this new feature, we've prepared a comprehensive guide to successfully completing the Evolution.



In an exciting turn of events, EA has unveiled a new Evolution in FC 24 that allows for a cost-free enhancement of a player card, boosting its attributes and potential on the field.



Unleashing Potential Evolution Overview


Since their introduction at the game's launch, Evolutions have become a cornerstone of FC 24, with players eagerly enhancing their squads. The diversity of evolved players has led to a myriad of distinct Ultimate Team styles across the gaming community.


Let's embark on a journey to explore the prerequisites for player evolution. We'll highlight three standout players that are prime candidates for evolution. Following that, we'll delve into the various challenges that need to be completed, along with the enticing rewards that await successful completion.



Player Requirements for Evolution


Let's dive into the prerequisites for initiating the Unleashing Potential Evolution in FC 24.


To participate in this evolution process, players must conform to certain criteria established by EA. It's important to note that not every player in the game will be eligible.



Selecting the right player is crucial. You could opt for a player from the team you support or choose someone with the potential to become a formidable force on the field. Make your choice carefully, as it's a one-time decision with no option for alteration.



The Unleashing Potential Evolution calls for the following player specification:



  • The player's Overall rating must not exceed 88.


Top Player Picks for Evolution


Unlock the full potential of your squad with our top selections for Unleashing Potential Evolution! Sadly, not all players like Harry Kane and Vinicius Jr meet the criteria, but we've pinpointed three standout choices that will elevate your team's performance:


  • Elevate your attack with the formidable Cristiano Ronaldo and his latest Team of the Week card. Transform CR7 into an 89-rated powerhouse, boasting 86 pace, 92 shooting, 80 passing, and 86 dribbling, reminiscent of his prime years.

  • Infuse your lineup with the dynamic Player Moments Callum Hudson-Odoi. Obtainable through Squad Building Challenges, this card morphs into an 89 OVR, featuring astounding attributes such as 93 pace, 91 shooting, 90 passing, 90 dribbling, and a robust 82 physical.

  • Complete your forward line with the Eredivisie POTM, Kaj Sierhuis, and his exceptional 88-rated card. A bargain SBC acquisition, Sierhuis' Evolution will skyrocket him to an 89 OVR, packed with 88 pace, 91 shooting, 82 passing, 90 dribbling, and a jaw-dropping 96 physical rating.


Evolution Challenges and Rewards

Embarking on the journey to enhance your selected player's abilities, you'll encounter a series of tasks to boost their overall rating incrementally.


Embark on the Unleashing Potential Evolution by completing the following steps:



Initial Level Tasks:



  • Participate in 2 matches within the Rivals or Champions leagues, ensuring your evolving player is actively competing.

  • Secure a victory in a Squad Battles match, or alternatively in a Rivals/Champions game, at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, with your evolving player in action.


Rewards for Initial Progression:


  • Enhance Shooting skills by one point.

  • Improve Passing abilities by one point.

  • Increase Dribbling prowess by one point.


Tier 2 Objectives:



  • Participate in three matches within the Rivals or Champions mode, ensuring your EVO player is part of the active lineup.

  • Secure victories in two matches of Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, ensuring the difficulty is set to at least Semi-Pro and your EVO player is actively playing.


Tier 2 Bonuses:


  • Speed attribute receives an increment of +1.

  • Playmaking ability is enhanced with an additional +1 to Passing.

  • Ball control is improved with a +1 increase to Dribbling.


Unlocking the Power of Evolution: A Step-by-Step Guide



  • Engage in four matches within the Rivals or Champions leagues, ensuring your evolving player is actively participating.

  • Secure victories in three matches across Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, ensuring a minimum difficulty setting of Semi-Pro, with your evolving player taking part in the action.


Rewards for Surpassing Level 3:


  • Enhancement of defensive abilities by one point.

  • Boost in physical attributes by one point.


Upon successfully conquering each challenge associated with this EVO, your player will experience a transformation, ascending by a +1 Overall Rating increase!



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