In the midst of the excitement surrounding the Golazo promotion, Electronic Arts (EA) has been actively peppering the FIFA 24 Ultimate Team scene with an assortment of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) that aren't directly related to the main event. These challenges feature Road to the Final (RTTF), Player of the Month (POTM), and Player Moments cards, providing a diverse range of content for enthusiasts to engage with.



Hot on the heels of the introduction of Callum Hudson-Odoi through a Player Moments SBC, another player has swiftly made his entrance into the mix. Philip Billing, a notable name from the Premier League, has been bestowed with his own Player Moments card, adding to the growing collection of special items available in the Ultimate Team mode.



Player Moments Philip Billing Overview


Here's a guide to unlocking the Player Moments Philip Billing card in FIFA Ultimate Team at a minimal cost:


  • EA Sports has released a special Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team featuring Philip Billing, the AFC Bournemouth midfielder, who has been honored with a Player Moments card.
  • Billing's standout moment came from a spectacular 40-yard goal during a match against Burnley in October of the previous year, which has been commemorated with this new card.
  • The card boasts a significant boost, with Billing's overall rating jumping to 88. His upgraded attributes include 85 pace, 90 shooting, 83 passing, 88 dribbling, 88 defending, and 84 physicality.
  • Additionally, Billing has been equipped with the Power Shot and Bruiser PlayStyles+, enhancing his on-field impact. His versatility is further underscored by a five-star weak foot rating and four-star skill moves.


Let's explore the most cost-effective solutions to acquire this standout midfielder for your FIFA Ultimate Team.


SBC Requirements and Rewards


To complete the Player Moments Billing Squad Building Challenge, you'll need to ensure your squad meets the following criteria:


  • Include at least one player from the Team of the Week in your starting lineup.
  • Achieve a minimum team overall rating of 82.


Upon successful assembly and submission of your squad that fulfills these requirements, you will receive a Mixed Players Pack as a reward.


Premier League SBC Details


To successfully complete the Player Moments Billing Squad Building Challenge (SBC), you'll need to adhere to the following criteria:


  • Your starting lineup must feature at least one player from the Premier League.
  • The overall rating of your team should be no less than 85.


Upon meeting these requirements and submitting your squad, you will receive a Small Gold Players Pack as a reward.


Completion Cost and Final Thoughts


Upon successful submission of the required teams for the Squad Building Challenge, you'll unlock the opportunity to acquire Player Moments Philip Billing. This dynamic midfielder can be added to your Ultimate Team at an approximate cost of 62,500 coins .


Are you planning to tackle this SBC and bring Billing into your squad? Share your thoughts and intentions in the comments section!



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