This season, it's all about finding versatile pieces that fit well and feel like me. Lapides opted for a chic floral dress from Gilt for this reason, and adds, Its trendy and casual. For a fun going-out bag, I'm drawn to more unique shapes like the silhouettes below. A little archival runway Chanel moment, perhaps? Huber has her eye on a Prada S S 22 shift dress that she can't get off her mind.For excerpts from their conversation, scroll below.Let's say your wedding is this summer, and there's no budget. Everyone knows that the airport is not the place to experiment with uncomfortable trends, but long-haul flights in particular call for the most relaxed outfits in your closet. I sported a unitard for maximum comfort and draped a sweatshirt over Dior Sneakers Outlet my shoulders just in case it got chilly. Heels, strappy sandals, and complicated boots abound, most likely because the paparazzi are pretty much unavoidable at major airports. You just have to own it. Behold: luxury gifts under $100.聽You'll find a splendid mix of home items like bakeware and martini glasses to ring in the new year along with聽the best fashion gifts, such as shimmering metallic slip dresses, jade green belt bags, and cozy sherpa-lined slippers. Its a boring rule of thumb, but I think its important to err on the side of professionalism versus the ultimate expression of your personal style at least when youre at work, she recommends. She decided to channel her energies into experimenting with hair product formulations, often concocting mixtures in her own kitchen. It wasn't the tropical vacation that I typically daydream about, but I convinced myself that I might have been doing the whole outdoors thing wrong and decided to give this trip a shot. Since a lot of my bigger vacation plans got canceled this year, my S O and I have been opting for mini staycations around our city of Los Angeles. I'll start by saying that I'm not a fan of dupes, so I'm not usually quick to recommend them. Be forewarned once you slip one of these around the rearview mirror or into the vent, there's a good chance you'll refuse to settle for less. See and shop my Mykonos- and Santorini-ready outfits below. An abundance of denim staples, flowing maxi dresses, and colorful accessories are popping up all over Macy's, and my wallet is ready to buy in. Essentially, the purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to create a collection where everything can be worn together in varying combinations. It is crafted in ultramatte calfskin with Cannage stitching, creating the instantly recognizable quilted texture. She lives for neutrals but isn't afraid of a pop of color, especially if that color is red. Dior's passion for florals. If monochrome and minimalism isn't your flavor, a capsule wardrobe bursting with print and color is just as valuable so long as each piece can be worn in multiple ways.