Invest in upcoming solar power plants in Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro contracted by local power grids with guaranteed 37% yearly returns for next 8 years. This won't make you a millionaire but will have enough for a daily ale or a few!


Choose Basic package for short term investments paying you enough to buy ale to a few per day. Upgrade to Standard and Professional investment packages for country dedicated long term investments.
Account Setup only 1 minute and you're in. Enter the information you need to become a member and start right away. 
Select a plan that suites your budget. Start with small! Select a Basic plan or Savings Account to test drive our platform with a short duration and interest but Dedicated Project Investment for a long term commitment up to your budget!


Watch your investment grow - Invest and sit back. You can follow your investment status at any time and invest in limited time special offers.
Payout Day - Your investment is eligible to withdraw anytime after the first 24 hours.

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