How would you perceive the employee learning revolution in the last couple of years?

When you want to learn how to do something, where do you go to get instruction? YouTube, right? Employees do this in their corporate jobs, too. You don’t want your employees to have to do this research unguided on their own. Companies can and should give their employees a dedicated platform to search and learn about the company, their role and more.

People expect to have learning-on-demand at work, just like in their personal lives. The real question is how do companies channel and focus employee curiosity and drive into a platform for their use, and that’s when organizations like Open LMS join them.

Have industries increased their dependence on OJT rather than online learning platforms?

We’re actually seeing it move the other way – dependence on OJT is broadly going down in some industries. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) mean some things that previously required in-person OJT can now be done virtually. Everything from car repair to clinical nursing can be trained on AR/VR. That said, OJT in a flexible work environment isn’t easy and will always require some level of coordination.

Are Open LMS training solutions customizable according to the client’s needs?

Sometimes we’re almost too customizable! Our platform is open source so its nature is to be flexible and continually improve.The same solution that facilitates learning in the largest universities in the world as well as small service providers is proof of that flexibility.

Additionally, learning solutions can be customized on an individual professor or trainer’s level to automate elements of their course and personalize the learning of students based on their interaction with the course. Everything from automating feedback to recommending training to a specific learner can be customized.

Can Open LMS handle the client’s compliance needs?

Yes, the Open LMS system has multiple assessments, reporting, tracking and program features to facilitate compliance. Our product design team also reviews our products for accessibility updates every quarter to ensure we’re staying current with changes in best practices.

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