Differing from normal lace front wigs, Air Wigs have pre-cut wig caps. there is no need to take time to cut the extra lace by yourself, which is super friendly for beginners. this structure saves the time of customers and reduces the risk of ruining the delicate lace area.


Glueless installation

Air Lace Wig are glueless ready to wear wigs. it means that you can hold an air wig in place without glue, gel, or other adhesives. clips inside the cap of the wig fixed by string secure the entire wig on your head. a wide and adjustable elastic band wraps the nape. the thin strap could certainly hide and melt with the hair. you need not worry about wig drop at all.


Flexible velvet ear tab

Since we have to apply lace front wigs in daily life, it is common to wear wigs for more than 10 hours a day. our heads suffer a lot because of that. sometimes earache catches us, or our foreheads prick. Breathable Wig construct with soft bendable materials for added comfort.


Breathable wearing experience

With air wigs, you will get rid of scalp itch on account of sweat and bacteria. it is okay to apply human hair wigs with normal cap construction in winter and stay cool, but impossible in hot summer. high temperatures boost sweat and wet hair. when we keep wearing hair for several hours, hair soaked in sweat creates a bad smell, which is hard to bear and deal with. bacteria come, and the scalp feels itchy then. they are the main culprits of hair loss, barriers to hair growth, and damage to the health of the scalp to a great degree.


Air wigs perfectly figure out this breath problem. the net structure allows enough air to go through and keeps your natural hair dry and cool in summer. you could stop washing your hair every day when you remove wigs in the evening and never suffer from sweat issues.


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