Can you brief us about yourself, your experience in the industry so far, and how it led you to become the CEO at Qonsent?

Qonsent is the brainchild of a brilliant, diverse group of folks—from the media, marketing, technology, legal, and security industries—that came together to develop a solution that addresses growing data privacy issues. Before co-founding Qonsent in 2021, I was previously the EVP of Data Strategy at WarnerMedia where I oversaw the development of WarnerMedia’s Innovation Lab, the WarnerMedia Investments portfolio, and also led the enterprise-wide data and privacy strategies.

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As a CEO and having expertise in Data Strategy & Media Innovation, what are your primary responsibilities and goals within the organization?

In true startup fashion, I proudly wear several hats as CEO—everything from finding new business and closing sales, to UX/CX, design elements, and even marketing. And of course making sure the ship runs smoothly and that anyone on the team can come to me and have open, honest conversations about professional and/or personal issues. We’re a small team and in the trenches together so while there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done, I’ve learned that good leaders will always find time for their team.

Looking ahead, what are the future plans and developments for Qonsent? Are there any upcoming features or enhancements that organizations and users can anticipate?

  • Yes, we have new features and enhancements in the works such as being fully HIPAA compliant, for instance, which is happening very soon.
  • Through HIPAA compliance, brands will be able to collect health data in a safe, secure, transparent, and compliant manner. This will create opportunities for more engaging consumer/patient experiences and patients will also have peace of mind knowing exactly how their data is being collected, shared, and stored.

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