Tune in! 15,000KSW worth of reward is waiting to be claimed!— Duration: 18 Jan–18 Feb 2022 (closing: 23.59 UTC+7)


Create an Infographic content for Eggo on Facebook and winners will be decided based on the most points scored!

How to Count points:

  • react(ie. Like , love , etc.)= 1 Point
  • Shared post= 2 Point

Duration: 18 Jan–18 Feb 2022 (snapshot: 23.59 UTC+7)
Prize: 5000 KSW

The first 100 participants will get a participation reward of 100 KSW

Announcing the winner on the 20th February 2022 (20.00 UTC+7) on Twitter.
Rewards will be distributed 2–3 days after the end of the campaign.


  1. Join our Community: Twitter , Telegram International

2. Content must be about KillSwitch only

3. Add the Hashtags #KillSwitchContentCreators #KillSwitchFinance (Hashtags are important for the team to be able to see your post)

4. Add your BSC wallet in your post

  • *Participants who’ve failed to follow rules will not be eligible for the reward and campaign.**

5. Post the infographic on Facebook and add the Hashtags #KillSwitchContentCreators #KillSwitchFinance

Announcing Winner on our official Twitter page! Good Luck and get creative.

Participants who are caught cheating (ie. bots, paid to like/share) will be disregarded in the campaign.