industrial vacuum cleaner noise running condition is good or bad, pressure loss rise speed and cleaning effect has an important relationship. In the desulfurization dust collector, the dust particles are easy to plate on the surface of the filter cylinder, resulting in the surface adhesion of the filter material, at this time, if you want to achieve a more ideal cleaning effect, you need a better spray pressure and a more frequent spray frequency, which will cause energy loss, so the selection of the appropriate filter material has an impact on the spray system. In many projects, there exists the problem of bad ash removal in the filter cylinder backblowing. In the pilot operation of the boiler dust removal treatment project, it is found that the early ash removal effect is better than expected, but it does not meet the design requirements after working for a period of time. By adjusting the injection interval of the pulse valve, the effect is still not very good, and the injection pressure is increased on the basis of changing the nozzle, so that the bad cleaning phenomenon in the process of backblowing can be solved.

Below, analyze the relationship between industrial vacuum cleaner noise filter material and dust quality:

First, when the water content is large and the dust concentration is large, it is appropriate to choose not afraid of water, filter material (or anti-condensation filter material) or coated filter material (the base cloth should be needled felt that is not afraid of water treatment).

When the dust-containing gas contains acid and alkaline and the gas temperature is less than 190°C, Ryton (polyphenylene sulfide) needle felt is often used. When the gas temperature is less than 240°C and the sex requirement is not too high, P84 (polyimide) needle felt is selected.

Third, when the dust-containing gas is flammable and explosive gas, choose to prevent electrostatic tapefibre needle felt, when the dust-containing gas has the corresponding water and flammable and explosive gas, choose not afraid of water to prevent electrostatic (three prevention) tapefibre needle felt.

The filtration speed is the key factor in the selection of dust collector, which should be determined according to the properties of dust or dust, application occasions, dust particle size, viscosity, gas temperature, water content, dust concentration and different filter materials.

Fifth, when the dust particle size is fine, the temperature and humidity are good, the concentration is large, and the viscosity should be low. Such as ≤1m/min; On the contrary, the optional high value is generally not more than 1.5m/min. For dust particle size is very large.

6, normal temperature, dry, non-viscous, and low concentration, 1.5~2m/min can be selected. When the filtration speed is selected, it should be calculated that the net filtration wind speed should not exceed the above value when reducing the filtration area of one room (when cleaning).

7. The filter material should be considered according to the temperature of the dust-containing gas, the amount of water, the properties of acid and alkali, the viscosity, concentration and grinding of the dust.

8, generally in the small water content, no acid according to the dust gas temperature to choose, normal temperature or ≤130°C, commonly used 500~550g/m2 polyester needle felt. <250°C, use aramong Nomex needle felt or 800g/m2 glass fiber needle felt or 800g/m2 double glass fiber fabric or Flumas [FMS] high temperature filter material (fluorine gas can not use glass fiber material).

industrial vacuum cleaner noise Dust properties include specific resistance, particle size, true density, bailing property, hydrophobic and hydraulic hardness, flammable, explosive and so on. The specific resistance is too large or too small dust should not be used electric dust collector, bag dust collector is not affected by the specific resistance of dust; The influence of dust concentration and particle size on the rate of electrostatic precipitator is obvious, but the influence on the bag dust collector is not obvious. When the dust concentration of the gas is good, the pre-dust removal device should be set up before the electric dust collector; The type of bag dust collector, cleaning method and filtering wind speed depend on the nature of dust (particle size, scoop property); Wet dust collector is not suitable for purifying hydrophobic and hydraulic dust: the true density of dust has obvious influence on gravity dust collector, inertia dust collector and cyclone dust collector; For the dust with large new adhesion, it is easy to cause the working face of the dust collector to tie or clog, so it is not suitable to use dry dust removal; When dust purification meets water and can produce combustible or explosive dangerous mixture, wet dust collector can not be used.

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