As we cross the midpoint of the week, excitement builds for FC 24 Ultimate Team enthusiasts with the impending release of the 28th Team of the Week.



EA is set to enhance the game by introducing 18 new inform cards, rewarding the standout players from the previous week with upgraded stats.



The latest TOTW 28 promises to be a thrilling addition, and we've got the inside scoop on the players rumored to be included in tonight's drop. Let's dive into the details of these anticipated leaks!



Release Details and Expectations


The 28th installment of the Team of the Week has arrived in FC 24's Ultimate Team, introducing a fresh batch of 18 players to the popular mode's packs.


Scheduled for release on the 27th of March at 6 pm GMT, TOTW 28 will be available in Ultimate Team packs for a full week before TOTW 29 takes its place.



The upcoming selection for TOTW 28 includes an impressive array of talent, with each player receiving substantial upgrades to their in-game items. Enhanced stats and PlayStyles+ will be featured, ensuring that each player boasts a minimum overall rating of 85.



Selections for this week's team are primarily based on recent international performances, as both male and female players demonstrate their skills in preparation for major tournaments like the European Championships and Copa America.



Leaked Player List


Anticipation is high as @FutPoliceLeaks, a trusted informant for Ultimate Team updates, has disclosed a list of 15 players anticipated to be showcased in the forthcoming Team of the Week 28.


The following players are rumored to make an appearance in TOTW 28:



  • Barcelona's skillful midfielder Aitana Bonmati
  • Manchester United's playmaker Bruno Fernandes
  • Lyon's dynamic Amel Majri
  • Real Madrid's midfield maestro Toni Kroos
  • Genoa's rising star Mateo Retegui
  • Manchester City's young talent Jess Park
  • Nottingham Forest's creative force Giovanni Reyna
  • Liverpool's defensive asset Kostas Tsimikas
  • Tottenham's stalwart Cristian Romero
  • Stade Reims' guardian Kinga Szemik
  • Tenerife's Maria Estella, known for her on-field prowess
  • Southampton's David Brooks, returning to form
  • RB Leipzig's Jenny Hipp, making waves in the league
  • New York Red Bulls' sharpshooter Dante Vanzeir
  • Sporting Charleroi's Oday Dabbagh, a name to remember


As the excitement builds, there's still speculation about three additional players who may join the ranks of TOTW 28, completing the lineup.


Anticipation and Community Interaction


We're eager to hear about the players you're aiming to add to your roster. Share your targets in the comment section!


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