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  • The hardwares used in Crypto Mining
    To say the least, the computing power necessary to support lucrative mining is significant. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, PotCoin, and others are forms of digital cash meant to be both secure and anonymous. The information is turned into a complicated code that is nearly impossible to crack using a type of encryption. This is where bitcoin mining comes in. This technique uses...
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  • Best Bitcoin Miner | ASIC Hardware
    ASICs (ASICs) are highly specialised and powerful computers that are used to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The ASIC industry has become more complicated and competitive in recent years. Bitcoin was designed to be mined using CPU power rather than GPU. Later on, the Bitcoin developers chose to use GPUs to mine Bitcoin because of their higher hashing power. ASICs are now used in all...
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