• Serene Sunset Vibes - #ZigiMusic - Unwind and relax with a collection of serene #tunes that capture the essence of a tranquil sunset. Let the soothing #melodies transport you to a state of bliss. #BlackSeaRecords #Reggae #Music #femalereggae #GanjaGyals
    Serene Sunset Vibes - #ZigiMusic - Unwind and relax with a collection of serene #tunes that capture the essence of a tranquil sunset. Let the soothing #melodies transport you to a state of bliss. #BlackSeaRecords #Reggae #Music #femalereggae #GanjaGyals https://zg.ink/QHefl
    Serene Sunset Vibes - ZigiMusic.com
    Serene Sunset Vibes - ZigiMusic.com · Playlist · 448 songs · 2 likes
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  • #BlackSeaRecords offers a quite and #inexpensive way to #record #music by the Black Sea in Nessebar, Bulgaria. Besides - there is an #apart-hotel available for artists. Enjoy: https://zigi.link/blacksearecords
    #BlackSeaRecords offers a quite and #inexpensive way to #record #music by the Black Sea in Nessebar, Bulgaria. Besides - there is an #apart-hotel available for artists. Enjoy: https://zigi.link/blacksearecords
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  • #BlackSeaRecords music recording #studio & #production, artist #promotion and #publishing. Enjoy: https://zigi.link/blacksearecords
    #BlackSeaRecords music recording #studio & #production, artist #promotion and #publishing. Enjoy: https://zigi.link/blacksearecords
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  • https://soundcloud.com/blacksearecords/sets/108-infinite-mindsets
    108 Infinite Mindsets by Black Sea Records
    Get 108 Infinite Mindsets of z[:last]Hustlers - The collection of Mindful and forgotten songs on the Truth Kindle Edition: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TVZPCYQ In this book you will find mind-blowing verses used by zHustlers music project gathered from different religious traditions worldwide. Reader will have insight of ancient mysticism and art of meditation from traditions like Vedas, Bible and Christian Gospel, Freemasonry, Yoga, Islam, Sufism, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Kabbalah presented by authors like Patanjali, Prophet Muhammad, Milarepa, Edwin Arnold, Veda Vyasa, Peter Cole, Kalidasa, Michael A. Sells, Mansur al- Hallaj, Kabir, Niffari, Andrew Harvey, Eryk Hanut, Rumi, Sultan Valad, Mahmud Shabistari, Rabi´a al-Adawiyya, Sanai, Saadi, Attar, Jami, Farid ud Din Attar, Yunus Emre, Rabindranath Tagore and author himself - Martins Ate - with author comments of each of them in order to eliminate daily stress and gain understanding of Truth. Read together with listening to the music online - search for "zHustlers" mindsets on your music player and enjoy reading together with smooth chilled out dubby reggae beat.As “spirit,” human beings have consciousness, which allows them to rise above the sensory experiences they have in any given moment. Doing so we reduce our ego. Yet, at the same time, we are bound to our physical bodies, senses and instincts, like any other animal. They are part of the natural world and are subject to the risks and vulnerabilities of mortality, including death and cause us degradation of a spirit. So aim of our life should be focusing on highest heard things in a lifetime to guarantee acquisition of the next birth at some place nice.
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  • https://soundcloud.com/blacksearecords/sets/break-the-wall-2020
    Break The Wall (2020) by Black Sea Records
    Chinese Proverbs zHustlers.com @ Black Sea Records.com The Dragon Flies & The Phoenix Dances Replace your weapons with jade and silk. If you don't do stupid things you won't end up in tragedy. The dragon flies and the phoenix dances. No man is a perfect man; no gold is sufficiently bare. It is easy to find a thousand soldiers, but hard to find a good general. The dragon flies and the phoenix dances. An aggrieved army is sure to win. Wind isn't always favorable; soldiers aren't always victorious. A good name is better than a good face. A bad beginning makes a bad ending. The dragon flies and the phoenix dances. Chinese Proverbs zHustlers.com @ Black Sea Records.com ----- Leisure for one day It is easy to open a store - the hard part is keeping it up. To be totally at leisure for one day is to be immortal for one day leisure for one day I want leisure for one day Ripe fruit falls by itself - but it doesn't fall in your mouth Before preparing to improve the world, first look around your own home three times. leisure for one day I want leisure for one day I was angered, for I had no shoes. Then I met a man who had no feet and understood If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. A man without a smiling face must not open shop. It is not the knowing that is difficult, but the doing. leisure for one day I want leisure for one day Chinese Proverbs zHustlers.com @ Black Sea Records.com ---- Trip on Molehills Do not believe that you will reach your destination without leaving the shore If you don't want to be cheated then ask for prices at the three different stores Man trip not on mountains they trip on a molehills Do not let others to know what you have done - better not have done it anyways. Man without a smiling face must not open a shop. It is not knowing what is difficult but doing. Wise man makes his own decisions Ignorant man mindlessly follows the crowd People who talk the best are not only ones who can tell you the most interesting things. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Man without a smiling face must not open a shop. Chinese Proverbs zHustlers.com @ Black Sea Records.com
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  • https://soundcloud.com/blacksearecords/sets/babylon-love-songs-best-to
    Babylon Love Songs - Best for Valentines Day 2020! -z Hustlers by Black Sea Records
    Reggae & Dub music about Love, Divinity and Unity of it with happenings and random thoughts on life
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  • https://soundcloud.com/blacksearecords/sets/goa-trance-house
    Goa Trance House by Black Sea Records
    What is Babylon System and Six Ways how it is affecting you Now! The term Babylon System originated from Jamaica to describe corrupt or authoritarian the state, or the state system. Also the police, as they are the agents of the threat of force that the state derives it's power from. It symbolizes a protest against the oppression from The System, which had made the use of natural things illegal. In General - it is a Police State. WATER & FOOD Find out how The Babylon System is changing your Health using Water & Food GLOBAL WARMING Find out the truth behind global warming and why Babylon System Loves it PROBLEMATIC MINDSETS Find out how and in whose interests are working main mindset publishers of The Babylon System GLOBAL HOUSING PROBLEM Find out how rat circle created by the Babylon System can place you home-less one day MODERN SLAVERY Find out what you can do today to escape the trap of Globalists and not become a victim of modern slavery FULL LIFE CONTROL Be sure that after Babylon system is spending Billions on it's programs worldwide - your Life is under full Big Brothers Control What does the term Babylon System Relates to? The Term Babylon started with a rise of a famous Jamaican Singer - a Prophet for many - Bob Marley and so remains as an important Rastafarian term, referring to human government and institutions that are seen as in rebellion against the rule of Jah (God), since the very beginning with the Tower of Babel. FIND OUT MORE: thebabylonsysteminstitute.com shankaramusic.com blacksearecords.com vedatrac.com zhustlers.com martinsate.com
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  • https://soundcloud.com/blacksearecords/sets/the-mirror-2020
    The Mirror, 2020 by Black Sea Records
    Based on Veda Vyasa, Isha Upanishad, Atharvana Veda, Bhagvat Gita, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, Maha Upanishad, Aithareya Brahmanam, Vivekachudamani, Katha Upanishad, Prashna Upanishad, Mundaka Upanishad Yajur Veda, Riga Veda. Mirror is our soul. Mirror is our life. So also this zHustlers album is about Soul and Life. Smooth dubby doobie chilled-out reggae relaxing jazzy beats with meaningful mindsets taken from deepest ancient scriptures for lifechanging experience just by listening. zHustlers.com @ Black SeaRecords.com SatyaProjects.org
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  • https://soundcloud.com/blacksearecords/sets/the-moon-and-the-stars-fatima
    The Moon And The Stars - Fatima Ezzahra (2020) by Black Sea Records
    2020 - The Moon And The Stars. Read more at fatimaezzahramusic.com
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  • https://soundcloud.com/blacksearecords/sets/christmas-songs-for-kids
    Christmas Songs For Kids by Black Sea Records
    Christmas songs for Children by Ninti Ate @ BlackSeaRecords.com
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  • Berilljule's Debut Album: A Powerful Voice in Reggae Music
    Berilljule, a rising star in the world of reggae music, has released her debut album, a collection of 14 powerful songs inspired by the poetry of the Afghans: Æabd-ur-Raḥmān. Produced by Martins Ate of Black Sea Records Ltd., and distributed by ZigiMusic.com, the album is available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music,...
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  • Black Sea Records offers a convenient and efficient way for artists to record
    Are you an aspiring musician looking to take your music to the next level? Look no further than Black Sea Records' online music recording studio. With our convenient and efficient services, we make it easy for artists to record their voice and send it to us for professional tuning, mastering, and mixing.At Black Sea Records, we understand the importance of high-quality audio engineering when it...
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  • Enjoy Incredible Female Vocals of The Best Milky & Juicy Reggae Compilation
    Label GanjaGyals Production has released a new album consisting of 15 amazing songs from 15 various reggae artists around the world. Now female reggae fans can enjoy sweet voices of such artists as Sunheart from Bulgaria, second time featuring Fatima Ezzahra from Morocco, Molarah and Glow Ria from Nigeria, Veronika Lebetskaya from Belorus, Valentina Iela from Italy, Jo Elle from United States,...
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  • Listen to Top10 reggae queens from around the world at The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae Collection V
    For the fifth time ten talented & young, milky & juicy, courageous & righteous female reggae artists have come up together again with a new piece of the chill out pothead party reggae songs together to uplift your happiness to the next level heights with the The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae Collection number 5. Enjoy responsibly! As some songs just gets you instantly to the...
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    Whether you're a professional singer, want to give it a try, or just starting to explore the world of vocal recording, you should know that going in to a real studio is a completely different experience than singing in your home. In a real studio, you are the only one who matters. You will experience things you never thought possible, and you'll leave with a new found respect for your voice and...
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  • One hour long sea wave music for relaxation, yoga and meditation
    Just before the new year Soundscape artist SimonaSound comes up with another speech-less album performed by the Nature itself - called "Sound Of The Sea - Relaxing Wave Sounds of The Black Sea" giving the listener to die deep into the various characters of the Black Sea. The album consists of 11 relaxing and peaceful tracks of a sea waves and is now available on all major...
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  • Queen A's "Prayer": A Melodic Plea for World Peace Inspired by Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat
    In the heart of Jamaica, where reggae beats pulse through the very soul of the island, emerges a voice that resonates with the cries of the world. Queen A, a rising reggae sensation, has just released her latest chillout album titled "Prayer". But this isn't just another reggae album. It's a heartfelt plea for peace, echoing the sentiments of nations and souls across the globe.   Drawing...
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  • The Best Milky & Juicy Female Reggae Compilation Releases 3rd album with another 15 female reggae songs!
    Black Sea Records Ltd is proud to present the GanjaGyals.com project - Part 3 of the Best Milk and Juicy Women's Reggae Compilation, which consists of 15 incredible songs. The songs have been released by international music stars, and the songs are already available on all major streaming platforms.   The new songs are about difficulties, the path of ignorance, the search - experienced by...
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  • What are the Top 7 playlists a must follow on Spotify
    ONLINE RADIO MIND108.COM IS AN ANCIENT WISDOM MINDSET MUSIC PROJECT TO REMIND EVERYONE THAT THE AIM OF A LIFE IS HAPPINESS AND FREE ONE FROM THE MINDSETS OF SLAVERY.   And formula to it lies in the successful implementation of one's Dharma (designation), Artha (profession), Kama (gained pleasure) and finally - Moksha (redemption).   World today strives too hard and people...
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  • Yes, yes, yes ! Our reggae queens are back! The Best Milky & Juicy Female Collection IV, more juicy & more milky than ever!
    The most popular new reggae singers reveal a unifying union, bringing a moment of holiness and spiritual feelings of an amazing world. Lyrics in this release are inspired by Edwin Arnold's book "The Light of the World or The Great Consummation", giving the spiritual light- flowing from each melody. Press here to listen them online now. All songs are also available on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon...
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